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daughter taking care of mother on a wheelchair a caregiver both look happy

The Adult Rehab Programme


Caregiver Training

This training is intended to train caregivers of stroke/neurological condition patients on performing appropriate activities of daily living (ADLs). This half-day workshop aims to provide the skills and knowledge on handling stroke/neurological condition patients from transferring from wheelchairs to beds, cars and toilets, bathing, dressing up, and changing diapers and bedsheets.


  1. To identify the limitations that occur after a stroke and brain injuries.

  2. To create awareness of the importance of safe handling skills with neurological patients.

  3. To educate proper body mechanics as injury prevention to both caregivers and patients.


From this training, you will receive: 

  1. A Complete Caregiver Training

  2. A Complete Caregiver Training Book

  3. Step-by-step Videos of Training

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