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The Hanen Program

More Than Words

More Than Words

The Hanen Program for Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Social Communication Difficulties. That will be helping you turn every moment of your child's life into an opportunity to communicate.

What Parents Learn in the More Than Words Program:

  • How your child communicates right now and the next steps to take

  • How does your child learns best and how to take advantage of these preferences

  • what motivates your child to communicate

  • How to turn everyday activities into opportunities for learning to communicate

  • How to help your child understand what you say

  • How to develop your child's play skills

  • How to help your child make friends

This program consists of:

  1. Pre-Program consultation

  2. Group sessions

  3. Individual video feedback sessions

Who are involved?

  1. Speech-Language Therapist (Hanen More Than Words Certified)

  2. Parents

  3. Child (only in individual video feedback sessions)


What Approach does this program use?

Naturalistic Approach. Therapy becomes a natural part of every daily activity.

How does this program apply?

It uses specific techniques through these activities:

  • Daily routine

  • Book reading

  • Playing toys

  • Making friends

How much will be the fee?

RM 2,300/ 1 pax

50% discount off for the spouse when register

When does the program start?

The program is scheduled to run for a duration of 9 weeks and 16.5 hours. Feel free to reach out to us now to receive your schedule.

Where is the venue for this program?

WQ Park Kelana Jaya

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