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Antenatal Class

Antenatal Online Fitness Class by Shankeri and Rebecca.

  • 160 Malaysian ringgits
  • Online

Service Description

In the online class, we will be explaining the main 3 fundamental points to be considered during your pregnancy period and after delivery such as: 1)Breathing 2)Intra-abdominal pressure(IAP) 3) Activate and strengthen pelvic floor muscle to prepare yourself for labor and after delivery The therapist will be focusing on improving the mobility of the chest to have a better expansion of the lung to get oxygen saturation for the mother and baby. We will activate or facilitate oblique abdominal muscles to stabilize the body and to support the musculature function. Will teach how to relax the pelvic floor muscle in a lengthening position before the start of each exercise. At the end of the session, you will learn how to breathe correctly with increased intraabdominal pressure to support the spine and activate pelvic floor muscles in your daily activity /task without any aches and pain.

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