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Our library is a welcoming community space for readers of all ages. We believe that reading is an essential activity that contributes to personal growth and lifelong learning. Join our book club to share your love of books with others and gain insights from different perspectives. Explore our shelves and find your next favorite read, whether it's a classic novel or a self-help book. We have something for everyone, so come and visit us today!

Join us Today!

Book Club

Terms & Conditions

  1. All new members are to pay a one-time membership fee of RM50.00 upon registration. No further borrowing fee is required.

  2. Members may borrow only 1 book at a time.

  3. Members are required to be responsible for the books borrowed.

  4. A member who loses or damages the book is liable to pay the lost/damage charge as assessed. Damages may include:

    • Scribbling on the book

    • Water stain(s)

    • Page tear(s) etc.

  5. Members may loan a book for up to 2 weeks (14 days) maximum.

  6. Book loans can be renewed for another 1 week upon confirmation of availability in person.

  7. All members are subject to the Return Overdue fine of:

    • First day after the due date: RM1.00

    • Consecutive days after the first late return: RM2.00/day

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